Gulfstream Financial Advisors (GFA) is an investment firm with over 30 years of experience in sourcing, arranging and structuring capital transactions, investing in and originating operating companies for its own account, and structuring real investments for its investors. Gulfstream’s projects have included telecommunications, international manufacturing and distribution, real estate, and equity investment platforms. GFA has secured more than $350 million in various equity financings. GFA has experience in sourcing both funds and debt transactions.

Investor Programs

  • GFA took advantage of the recent real estate recession and since 2010 sourced, structured and managed the following investment partnerships: Heritage Lake Partners LLC, Hammocks Partners LLC, and Florida Distressed Real Estate Fund.

  • GFA sourced, structured and managed a $250M Alternative Fixed Income Fund which included lien certificates throughout the United States and structured settlements.

  • GFA is currently purchasing and managing mobile home parks in Florida and the Carolinas. Investor returns are currently in excess of 20% annually.

Investment Banking

  • GFA has sourced, structured and managed $40M in equity and debt financing for various real estate projects since 2008.

  • GFA has sourced and structured various mezzanine debt financings for companies involved in mining equipment distribution, receivable financing, specialty international automobile manufacturing, medical manufacturing, telecommunications and technology.

  • GFA has sourced and structured over $70M in equity for companies involved in telecommunications and various related services.

GFA Sponsored Operating Companies

  • LLC provides outsourced maintenance services, parts and heavy equipment to farm operations worldwide. is headquartered in Coral Gables, Florida and has operations in Latin America, Africa and Australia.

  • MBROS Real Estate Services

MBROS is a real estate investment and management company founded in 2008 to take advantage of opportunistic real estate opportunities. MBROS has purchased and sold approximately $40M of real estate investment since 2008 earning its investors and average equity return of 27%. Currently MBROS is acquiring and managing selective mobile home parks in South Florida and the Carolinas.

  • GTE Management LLC

GTE Management supplies goods and services according to market needs. With the management team's expertise and relationships for Imports and Exports the company intents to cover the market needs participating in the transaction chain as needed.

  • Senyia LLC

Senyia is an early stage natural organic supplement company specializing in moringa products. Senyia currently markets its products through retail outlets and various online stores in the US and internationally.

  • AutoChina Ltd.

AutoChina was a British Virgin Islands-registered company formed at the beginning of 2004 to design and market Chinese-manufactured vehicles from two Chinese plants, Tianjin Tianqi Group’s Meiya Automobile Manufactory Co. Ltd and the Beiqi Foton Motor Co. Ltd. in Beijing, to the South African market, which included one of the first vehicles approved by the South African government as a taxi for its government-subsidized Taxi Recapitalization Program.

  • NetRail, Inc.

NetRail, Inc. was one of the three original-generation providers of commercial Internet service. As a Tier One IP backbone provider and as one of the earliest telecommunications companies to organize the internet, NetRail, was not required to pay any other telecommunications companies for its internet access. NetRail was sold to Cogent, a publicly traded telecommunication company that is the largest Ethernet service provider in the US and a top five global service provider in over 90 major markets in 14 countries.

  • Riverside Capital’s Alternative Fixed Asset Fund

Riverside Capital’s Alternative Fixed Asset Fund assembled a nationwide portfolio of alternative fixed assets including tax lien certificates and other types of secured high yield loans. By combining assets of tax lien certificates and structured settlements, a fund was created that had relatively high yield combined with low volatility. The fund was grown to $250 million and earned investors an annualized return of 10%.

  • Peregrin Capital

Peregrin Capital was an NASD Broker Dealer.